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Aucxis is a leading specialist in business automation.  With 30 years of international experience in designing and implementing tailor-made solutions, we have gained a thorough knowledge of the nature and mechanism of business processes.

Our extensive expertise enables us to offer professional advice and to integrate our clients' ideas and objectives into advanced, user-friendly systems, using the latest technology.


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Aucxis develops and produces automation systems for the control of industrial processes. These PCS systems are based on our in-house developed controller systems or industrial PCs.  A PCS system has many functionalities, as there are:


  • Digital signal processing
  • I/O module management to control various processes using adjustable parameters and integrated control algorithms and models
  • Storing of historical data
  • Visualisation
  • Alarm management
  • Reporting



Over the past 30 years, Aucxis acquired extensive experience in the development of process control automation solutions, and this for various applications.  Read more ...  


Aucxis newsflash

Label leeuwvdexport winnaar klAucxis wins high-status "Lion of the Export" award 2016

June 2016 | On Wednesday evening June 29, the Flanders Investment & Trade agency, awarded its “Lion of the Export” prize in its 15th edition.  The prize is given to Flemish companies that make outstanding export sales.   Aucxis was awarded first place in the category “Companies up to 50 employees”.  Read more ...



Aucxis-NieuwLogoNew logo reflects the strenghts of Aucxis

March 2016 | In 1903, for the first time ever, a motorised airplane made a controlled flight. This event took 12 seconds covering a distance of 37 meter. Later the same day a distance of 800 meter was achieved in approximately 1 minute. Aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright had made their dream come true! Click here to read how Aucxis and the Wright brothers are related!

MyFruit-ACR-120Unique in ULO storage: dynamic software My Fruit (ACR-DLO) automatically determines the ideal oxygen levels!

In 2013 Van Amerongen, Dutch ULO specialist, and its Belgian partner Aucxis, producer of controllers for industrial processes, decided to join forces in order to develop a brand-new ULO software package: My Fruit.  One of the objectives was to develop a concept in which the commonly used S900 ULO-controller and its accompanying Unicool-V2 computer were combined in a single system. Read more ...